The Greatest Olympians of all Time

Michael Johnson Michael Johnson famously summed up his speed by comparing himself to a go-kart going downhill at high speeds. Emil Zatopek Emil was an expert runner, winning the 5000-meter, 10,000-meter, and the marathon in one Olympics (which hasn’t been done since). Aleksandr Karelin

Must See Summer Blockbusters

Now that regular television and the only major sport left is baseball. You might need some flicks to fill the summer days. If the recent weather has proved anything, summer is here which means it’s time to go to the movies. Here’s some good

Best of Summer TV

The real money from television comes during prime TV scheduling which occurs during the school year. That’s where the stars go, and were the money comes from. However, Summer TV is making more ¬†of a resurgence not just in TV Quality, but in stars