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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Trump


Donald-Trump-celebrity-apprentice-620x368Donald Trump is vulgar, outlandish, crazy, viciously outspoken and so many things the media has branded him with. But he is still leading in the Republican polls and stands a great chance of becoming the president of the United States.

One thing Trump has sold all through his campaign is the fact he is a savvy businessman who likes to win and he has also not failed to let us know how rich he is. So in this series, we’ll be taking you through the top rich facts about Donald Trump that you probably didn’t know about.



Forbes puts his real-time net worth as of August 16, 2015, at $4 billion, putting him at #405 on the world’s billionaires list. This means Trump is only slightly less wealthy than Elizabeth Holmes ($4.5 billion) and Richard Branson ($4.8 billion).




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