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20 Best Films Around The Ocean And Sea Creatures

finding dory finding nemo sequel

Finding Dory is out tomorrow!!!

The sequel is sure to be the next great Pixar hit. The film won’t be the only great to come from the seas.

Here’s a list of 20 underwater films that are nothing short of amazing.


Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

finding dory ocean movies salmon fishing in the yemen

Although not set underwater, this romantic and political drama has a lot to offer. Love this film.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

finding dory ocean movies for kids atlantis

A less heralded Disney flick, Atlantis is actually a pretty fun movie. And Kida ranks high on hot animated chicks.

Life of Pi

finding dory ocean movies life of pi

The majority of this movie takes place on a boat. I however would not be on a boat/ship anywhere with a Tiger. No thank you!

The Little Mermaid

finding dory ocean movies for kids The-Little-Mermaid

A disney classic. Ursula scared me to death as a kid.

Blue Crush

finding dory ocean movies blue crush

This movie might have contributed heavily to my interest in surfing.


finding dory ocean movies for kids ponyo

I’ll say point blank Miyazaki’s best film is a toss up between Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away, but this movie is WAAAYY better than it appears.


finding dory ocean movies jaws

Well you can’t have an ocean movie list without the original ocean thriller right??

Finding Nemo

finding dory finding nemo sequel

Fish are friends, NOT FOOD!!

Master and Commander: The Far Side Of The World

ocean movies master commander far side of the world

A tough captain and a french war vessel… let the drama begin!

Shark Tale

ocean movies shark tale finding dory

This movie is hilarious!! I mean there isn’t one character that isn’t lol hilarious. Besides who doesn’t want to see the fish version of hollywood stars.