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20 Reasons Why Kyrie Irving Is Better Than Steph Curry

Kyrie Irving Better Than Steph Curry

We all saw it yesterday… Kyrie was dominant. He played masterful. It’s something he can do every time he steps on the court and steph curry simply can’t. If you put these two point guards head to head, Kyrie is hands down better than Steph Curry.



His Defense

Even KD and Westbrook laughed and Curry’s defense, because it’s not existent. However Kyrie has straps.


Curry will miss passes or make turnover’s because he is step slow. Kyrie has that extra bounce that helps him get all the way there.


Curry can throw the ball high, but he can’t get up. Kyrie has bunnies. (as in bunny HOP)


Kyrie gets in the seams, and can always find the open man. He has both Kevin Love and J.R. Smith on the team, so he has to distribute the ball for them to score a lot.

Court Vision

Curry had ton’s of turnovers last night because he just doesn’t see the defense. Kyrie has basketball 20/20


Yea his dribbling is sick. No. 6 and No.1 are just embarassing to watch.


Kyrie Better than Steph Curry Cavs

Before Lebron came along, Kyrie had the burden of carrying Cleveland. Because of that he learned how to step up. The Warriors are an amazing team, but it is a unified effort.


Kyrie can set up an offense play by doing the work. He forces the defense to respond, and gets his team the bucket.


Kyrie gets to the rim. His size never stops him from attacking all the way and taking contact, opposed to Curry’s soft floaters.

Foul Line


Steph Curry may be the league’s best free throw shooter, but Kyrie can get to the line WAAYY more than Steph Curry. Oh, and his percentage is in the 90s too, so yea…