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20 Things The Cavs Must Do To Win

steph curry vs lebron nba finals

No team in NBA Playoff history has ever come back from 3-1. The Cleveland Cavs will have to be more than good. They will have to be great.

The Cavs Commander and Chief has the responsibility of making sure they have a chance to take game 7 back to Oracle.

Here are 20 things the Cavaliers have to do, to push to game seven.


Stop The Three Point Shot

If you can’t force the Warriors to step in on shots you will lose. Three is greater than two simple math.


Tristan Thompson has been great on this. More offensive possessions, and limiting the Warriors to one shot. But if Barnes and Green get on the boards, offensive rebounds usually equal easy threes.

Get to the Free Throw Line

If you get to the line you not only get points, but you slow the game down. The Warriors love to play fast, so don’t play their game.

Make Free Throws

Missing a free throw is equivalent to a turnover in my mind. And turnovers are bad.

Lebron must be Selfish

No offense to the other Cavs, but they aren’t all dependable. If Lebron has an open look, he should be thinking shoot first and pass second.

Kyrie HAS to show up

Lebron CAN’T win without Kyrie. Last year proved that. Kyrie needs to play well. And if he plays like the unstoppable force of last game, then they might just have the W.

Get JR shots early

It worked out last game, but more often than not we will need more than two people scoring the basketball. JR has to get in his rhythm early or he will be useless for the rest of the game.

Keep it on the Court

Don’t let an altercation with a player interrupt your flow of the game. If Draymond tries to pop off, silence him with buckets.

Lebron Must Go To The Basket

Lebron’s jumper has improved, but if he can score at the rim and get fouled? The Cavs might have this one.

Handle the Ball

Turnovers can cause a team that is winning at shooting, rebound, and defense to lose.

Defend the Pick and Roll

Whenever there is a switch, if you leave Steph open… this will happen.