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30 Times Melania Proved She’s First Lady Material


I understand that most people (thanks electoral college) don’t think Donald Trump will make a good President. And his recent cabinet picks aren’t the best. Melania is a completely different story. The future first lady seems as though she might be capable of doing a great job. Take a look at our list of 30 times Melania proved she can be a great First Lady.



1. She is multilingual


Melania speaks five languages which will be a plus when her and the president-elect travel to foreign countries.  And fun fact, none of those five languages are Russian.

  • evanmeer

    Another little known fact…..She is also a highly successful gold digger.

    • Anita Louise Drennon

      LOVE IT!

    • Victory Hope

      Just look in the mirror!

  • Rick501

    What a joke this article is.

    • Anita Louise Drennon

      This whole thing is a joke. Seriously, they’re going to understand the “forgotten American”? I think not!

  • Anita Louise Drennon

    This “news” organization has the worst grammar of any I’ve read. It’s you’re if you are saying “you are” and when you say “we” then you use “I, she he” :My mother and I went to the theatre.” She went to the theatre.” If you would use “us” you would say me, him or her. The theatre gave us tickets to the new show.” The theatre gave him and me tickets.” Not “gave he and I..” Geez, do ya’ll have a college degree or did you skip the English grammar course entirely?

    • Jay Conners

      OMG! A little tense?

  • Bryan Porrelli

    Jokes should be funny. She`s a national embarrassment like him


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