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  • Most Expensive Celebrity Private Jets

    Who needs first class when you have your own private jet? These celebrities fly way high and very rich too. Here...

    tobyDecember 17, 2016
  • The Richest Rappers In The World

    No wonder everyone wants to spit some rhymes. Spitting some words apparently gets you very well-paid. The worth of these rappers...

    tobyDecember 16, 2016
  • 20 Of The Richest Kids In America

    1. Nick D’aloisio At 17, sold Summly, a news-reading app, amassing a $30 million fortune.   2. Juliette Brindak 16-year-old owner...

    MikeAugust 28, 2016
  • 15 Famous People That Are Republicans

      Many people assume that most or all celebrities are Liberals who support the Democratic party. They do tend to lean...

    MikeAugust 25, 2016
  • Must See Summer Blockbusters

    Now that regular television and the only major sport left is baseball. You might need some flicks to fill the summer...

    Stephanie GloverJune 21, 2016
  • 20 Best Films Around The Ocean And Sea Creatures

    Finding Dory is out tomorrow!!! The sequel is sure to be the next great Pixar hit. The film won’t be the...

    Stephanie GloverJune 17, 2016
  • Best of Summer TV

    The real money from television comes during prime TV scheduling which occurs during the school year. That’s where the stars go,...

    Stephanie GloverJune 15, 2016
  • Best TV Streaming Services

    Netflix posted a study about users binge habits which let us know we aren’t the only ones pasted in front of the...

    Stephanie GloverJune 10, 2016
  • Viral Videos That Made Bank!!

    It’s amazing to be youtube popular and have a video go viral. I imagine it feels pretty good to be dirt...

    Stephanie GloverJune 8, 2016