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Guidelines to Follow When Shopping for Men’s Wedding Bands


Purchasing a wedding ring or band is an endeavor that happens only once-in-a-lifetime where you have to choose the perfect ring for yourself. The wedding band will be something that you are going to wear for many years to come. It is a known fact that men do not have the same joy and excitement when it comes to jewelry shopping; hence, men’s wedding bands are a great way to display your style preference.

Whether you are searching for a ring that will match your partner’s ring or one that will be highlighting your style, you have the chance to select the features that make the best piece for you personally. For a better understanding, have a look at these tips to get a general idea of the features in a men’s wedding band:


Decide the Metal and Color

First and foremost, while picking the wedding band, you must determine the metal of your choice that you would like to use in your wedding ring. Choosing the type of metal will give you an insight into the important decisions like budget and durability. The metal you pick will decide the color of the ring, its impregnability, and inclination to scratch and blemish. Some of the most preferred metals in men’s wedding bands are:

  • Platinum: Also considered as the ‘king of all metals’, Platinum is known as the strongest metal, and is widely picked by people because of its white appearance.
  • Gold: If you are looking for color variants and precious metal at the same time, opting for gold wedding bands for men can be a great choice. You can customize your men’s gold wedding bands into yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.
  • Tungsten: Are you searching for a wedding ring that will last longer? If your answer is in the affirmative, then you can visit and choose Tungsten material for your wedding band as it does not get damaged or scratched easily. You get color variants ranging from silver to black. The only problem is that Tungsten men’s wedding bands cannot be resized once crafted.


Know Your Band Width

The width choice in wedding bands varies from men to men. Everyone has their own set of preferences for their wedding rings and wants to choose the right band width that will be comfortable and go hand in hand with their style. Try on a few bands to understand what width will fit your style and comfort the best. You need to understand that if a ring is too wide then it can place a heavy weight on your finger and appear intrusive, as well as, underwhelming and dainty if it is too thin.

Consider Adding Gemstones or Diamonds

Decide if you want to incorporate some jewels and make your wedding band unique. This completely depends on your budget and style preferences. If you appreciate rare stones and diamonds, you can get them tailor-made.


Finally, you can also customize the texture and polish of your wedding band. Choosing wedding rings can be a tricky process, therefore, adhere to these tips while buying men’s wedding bands.


Author Bio – Andrew Thompson is a jewelry designer who has been managing his own workshop. He suggests her clients to view the wedding ring collection at