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Hollywood And The Plastic Surgery Industry

portrait of ayoung women with medical bandage and a fur-coat having a injection

In Hollywood, it is easier to admit to a drug or alcoholic problem than it is for stars to confirm or confess that they’ve gone under the knife. Nevertheless, Hollywood star surgeon, Toby Maher simply says,

Everyone in Hollywood has had surgery. They make their living out of what they look like and they want to look good.”

Oh the pressure!

In the city of stars and lights, the most popular procedures are nose jobs and lifts to the face, eyelid and forehead. In his 25 years as a surgeon, Mayer has done more than 1,000 face-lifts alone.

After many years of perfecting his sculpturing and slicing away of unwanted celeb body parts, the 53-year-old, at a glance, can tell who’s been nipped and tucked.

On an average, many women introduce their body to cosmetic surgery around the age of 25.

Plastic surgeons, especially the ones who cater to high earning celebs, all testify that it is indeed a lucrative business that goes beyond the green dollars. Some surgeons receive other gifts, paintings, and sculptures from their very grateful and loyal customers.


All that glitters isnt always gold.

According to Mayer, celebrities are deeply insecure. On one hand, there is the undecided celeb who can’t identify what they really want because they’re general unhappy. Then there is the over-critical star who wants a job done on miniscule defects, but can’t be satisfied.

Exceptional talent or beauty may have brought many stars into the limelight, but seemingly, it is the exceptional and discreet surgeons that ‘keep the lights on’ for the rich and famous.