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Obama’s Anti-Gun Speech Helps Gun Sales Soar

Gun Sales soar after obama's speech

Thanks Obama. Gun sales soar after POTUS speech and in the wake of gun violence. It seems mass shootings and gun violence leads to higher sales and better stock. Smith & Wesson gun stocks are on the rise, after Obama announced new gun rules and regulations just today.

The revenue for the quarter ending on January 31st may be as high as 180 million. The main reason for increased sales is gun restrictions, regulations, and violence.

Logical, it seems that in the wake of gun violence people would want less, but in reality they want more. Because to the people, guns are for protection. Following San Bernadino and POTUS’ speech, Smith & Wesson are having a major payday.

They haven’t seen this much of a bump in sales since the tragic Sandy Hook massacre.

A capitalist analyst Chris Krueger says, “The political environment at times has helped sales.”

In a highly capitalist society, everyone has to make money. Smith & Wesson are capitalizing off of fear which is at an all-time and for a good reason. ISIS attacks in Paris and San Bernadino have everyone on edge. I guess buying a gun is how people see they will be best protected.