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How Much Are Pro Sports Trophies Worth… In Dollars?

Olympics Day 9 - Gymnastics - Artistic

Yesterday the Cavs walked away with the money and the glory. And Lebron cried instead of killed his teammates.

Although the wins are priceless, here is how much an nba finals trophy is worth and the value of many other professional sports trophies. The most expensive sports trophy might surprise you.


21. Olympic Bronze Medal – $3.50

how much is an olympic medal worth bronze

It’s not worth much, but yea you are on the podium.

20 . Olympic Silver Medal – $370

Olympics Day 9 - Gymnastics - Artistic

How does that Nelly song go… oh yea 3 is not a winner, two is never remember…what does it take to be number 1? She’s not impressed..

19. Olympic Gold Medal – $ 600

***BESTPIX*** Olympics Day 8 - Swimming

If the Olympic Gold Medals were actually pure gold, they would be worth around $24,000

18. Vince Lombardi Trophy (Superbowl) – $1,260

how much is a superbowl trophy worth

Yes, who doesn’t love the glory of winning? I think they get more money from Disney by saying they are going to Disney World.