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The Richest American Presidents


richest president donald trump

Although he just stepped into office, Trump is by far the wealthiest President we’ve ever had. I guess this proves money can buy everything…

Let’s countdown 30 of the richest American Presidents we’ve ever had, and what they have to show for it.


30. Millard Fillmore – $4 Million


Albeit better known as the most forgettable president aka not known at all, Millard Fillmore was one of the last non-Democrat or Republican Presidents to be in the Oval Office (He was a Whig). Notable fun facts he was born in abject poverty and there was and still is the rumor that he was the first President to have a bathtub installed in the White House (he was not). Even his fun facts are made up, because he is absolutely non-memorable.

29. Benjamin Harrison – $6 Million


Harrison was the meat to the President sandwich known as Grover Cleveland. Even though he had his own money, he didn’t do well with the government’s. Under Harrison federal spending reached a cool billion while he was in office, not cool Benji, not cool.

28. William Henry Harrison – $6 Million


Harrison is the Grandfather of the aforementioned Benji. William had the misfortune of dying 32 days after he was in office. He did leave notable impact on the constitution aka the 25th amendment which made clear the laws of succession, as they were undefined during his short time in office.

27. Zachary Taylor – $7 Million


A Whig and military hero that won the election had a longer term than William Henry Harrison, but he did die seventeen months into his time in office. Other than having no political background and not much interest in being president, he won the job, only to die shortly thereafter.

26. Jimmy Carter – $8 Million


Carter is still alive (when this article was posted) and is actually most notable for his work done post-presidency. He won a nobel peace prize for his work with the Carter Center that advances human rights. Way to make your money work for the people.

  • Ve Yatzin

    In Trump’s election, he didn’t spend as much money Hillary did. He’s just smarter than the others. So, money just can’t buy anything. It’s the brain that works not the money!


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