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The Richest Rappers In The World


No wonder everyone wants to spit some rhymes. Spitting some words apparently gets you very well-paid. The worth of these rappers may make you want to go to school to become a professional rapper! Here are the top 30 of the world’s richest rappers.




Busta Rhymes is a rapper, producer, songwriter and actor who has sold over 10 million albums. Almost all of Rhymes’ albums have achieved either Gold or Platinum status.


#29. LUDACRIS – 25M


Ludacris has maintained his spot as a top earner in the music industry. The self-acclaimed hip-hop cash king, thanks to his millions of record sales and acting career in action-sequel, Fast and Furious, is a top grosser after many years of hard work.


#28. WIZ KHALIFA – 32M


It all began with ‘Black and yellow’ as his hit single and five studio albums later, Khalifa is one of the richest rappers in the world. Wiz has put in the work since his first hit. His nonstop touring, record sales and merchandise keep his bank account well equipped to spend at least $10000 per month on weed.


#26. RICK ROSS – 40M


Rick Ross kicked down the door when he broke in the charts with his 2006 mega-hit, Hustlin, and in the past decade, Ross has founded a successful record label, Maybach. His side ventures aside from rapping and producing, include his ownership of a string of Wingstop franchises.


#25. NELLY – 60M


The famed hip-hop star is currently worth 60M after his April 2015 felony drug charges. Tax issues or not, Nelly is far from broke.


#24. SWISS BEATZ – 65M


We all knew him way back when, as the name behind great hits and beats. Swiss started out as a DJ and a rapper. Now, he is a producer making mega hits that keep him as one of the highest paid rappers

#23. KANYE WEST – 67M


Kanye West 67M He may not be your favorite rapper, but Kanye West remains one of the richest rappers in the world. His clothing line and record sales and tours has amassed him a large sum since College Drop Out.


#22. REV RUN – 70M


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee was once a DJ before fully stepping into his rapper shoes. He is the brother of Russell Simmons and Daniel Simmons.


#21. NICKI MINAJ – 70M 


Her sultry acts and provocative style may be too raunchy for some, but Nicki Minaj remains one of the world’s top-earning women in entertainment period. The Queens native stands strong with her male counterparts in the rap game, juggling a string of lucrative businesses and endorsements from the likes of Pepsi and OPI, to keep her cash flow going.


#20. WILL.I.AM – 75M


Although much of his money goes to philanthropic causes, the funds keep rolling in for the rapper and songwriter aside from the money flow as a member of the Black Eyed Peas.


#19. MIKE D – 75M

Founding member of Beastie Boys, Mike Diamond is better known as Mike D. The rapper and songwriter has amassed enough money rolling in to keep him as one of the highest-paid rappers alive.


#18. T.I – 75M 


T.I. has almost a dozen albums under his belt, and each has produced at least one monster hit. Indeed the family man has come a long way from his street hustling days in the ATL. His earnings from his reality show with his wife and children earned him over 1M last year.


#17. AKON – 80M

There’s his Konvict Clothing, his ties to philanthropic businesses, his Pepsi soccer ad campaign, and Kon Live, his Interscope-backed imprint that’s home to high-paid artists like Lady Gaga and others, and then his career as a rapper of course. Akon is a top-paid rapper that is doing it all and doing it well.


#16. TIMBALAND – 85M

The Hong-Kong born rapper rose very quickly from the background as a hit-making producer to a hit-making rapper. His clothing label is only one of his other money-making ventures.


#15.  LL COOL J – 100M


LL Cool J 100M LL Cool J is definitely a seasoned rapper and actor, who have amassed quite a fortune thanks to his music sales and lucrative acting deals. He earns $150,000 per episode of NCIS: Los Angeles for his role as Special Agent Sam Hanna


#14. DREEZY DRAKE – 100M


Earning most of his income from touring, record sales and endorsements with the likes of Sprite, Nike and Apple Music, Dreezy’s bank account has definitely skyrocketed from $1M in 2009 to $101M now. Some say he may someday go down as the wealthiest Canadian hip-hop artist of all time.

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