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The Fabulous Life of Larry Ellison


Larry Ellison is considered one of the premier Silicon Valley millionaires, and is believed by many to be one of Silicon Valley’s tech superstars to live large and fast.

Larry Ellison had humble beginnings as a middle class child raised by a great aunt in Chicago. It is estimated as of April 14, 2015 that Ellison’s net worth is about 53.2 billion dollars.

After dropping out of college at the University of Chicago, Ellison created data bases for the CIA. Later he went on to launch his own data base software company, Oracle, in 1977.

Oracle_FoundersLarry Ellison still resides predominately in Woodside, CA. Ellison has been accused of being a “trophy home buyer” at times taking over entire neighborhoods in Malibu and Lake Tahoe.


Ellison did not stop at simply purchasing home real estate, but in fact purchased the entire Hawaiian island of Lanai for about $300 billion. Although this did raise some eye brows at first, Ellison has refurbished many of the hotels on the island, purchased an airline and made big investments into experimental clean energy tourism practices for the area.


Not all of Ellison’s properties are to be used for residence. For instance he purchased the Beechwood Villa in New Port, RI for the sole purpose of using it as an art museum to house his extensive art collection.


Ellison has overseen the growth and development of the Oracle giant since its inception in 1977, however, after a stellar 2014 with revenues reaching $38.3 billion he shocked everyone by announcing his plan to hand over the position of CEO to another and stay on simply as Oracle’s chairman and chief technology officer.




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