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How to turn your passion into a profession with which to earn money

Knowing exactly what your talents are and developing them allows you to give each one the best version of yourself. The best way to identify talents is to detect that “that generates enthusiasm, what stimulates you and that makes you lose track of time, what you do effortlessly, naturally and what you would do even without collecting”, sums up  Luis Alberto Santos, head of  Talent coaching. But it is not about working for the love of art, but about turning that passion into a remunerated activity, into a profession.

This requires the intervention of 3 factors that, in the coach’s opinion, are the following: that this talent you feel since childhood, that is, that is innate, commit to it with the aim of turning it into discipline and make the most potential and, finally, provide the right context for that ability to come to light instead of being buried by the mere fact that it seems too easy.

The biggest obstacle that arises when you want to convert an innate talent into a profession is ourselves. Well because the development of this activity is so easy and entertaining that we do not give it value, or on the contrary, because we have too idealized those who practice it and we feel unable to achieve their shares of brilliance. They enter into this last what is known as limiting ideas of the type “I can not”, “I am clumsy”, “this cannot be lived” … By turning all these thoughts and transforming the limiting ideas into enhancers it is possible to start that transformation.

Transform limiting ideas into enhancers

According to Luis Alberto Santos, 8 are the steps that must be taken to take advantage of a talent and turn it into a profession. They are the following:

  1. Identify what gifts and abilities you have, what you do with ease that others find it harder to work and you do it with enthusiasm
  2. Once identified, get soaked (more, if possible) of that topic.
  3. Investigate and locate other people who are already professionally engaged in what you are passionate about, and if you can not personally ask how they do it, observe them and “copy” their steps.
  4. Surround yourself with people who are passionate about the same thing as you, who have the same level of enthusiasm as you, share your ideas, ask questions and exchange opinions.
  5. Go often to places where they talk about your favorite topics related to that activity in which you stand out.
  6. Once you feel that what you are passionate about, you want to take it to the next level and offer it to the world, looking for a way to satisfy a need for people. Remember that a talent must be useful to other people.
  7. Learn marketing techniques to show how your talent is the solution to a specific problem of a certain number of people.
  8. Learn to sell, since to sell is to serve. Your talent will help many people improve their lives, so why would you deprive them of it?

There is an urban legend that says that humans only use 10% of our brain. If this were so, we would have a 90% potential that we did not use. Take note of the keys that Joaquin Lorente gives us in his bestseller  You can  (Planet) to get the most out of the gray area of your head.

Success is the first objective – confessed or not – of a person with an entrepreneurial spirit. And achieving this will depend, in part, on the ability to satisfy unmet demands.  “Anyone who wants to stay must conceive their offer from a single vision: to provide a desirable good that those who receive it do not want to lose or substitute another” explains Joaquín Lorente.

But, beware, this must be done at the opportune moment. A theory applicable to any part of life. “Do not give him more food when he is satisfied. Do not propose a new love to the lover. Do not talk about new eternities to the convinced believer. It’s not the moment”. Lorente thinks that thanks to this reasoning, great conquests have been generated in personal, social, political and, of course, commercial relationships. From here, the key will be to “know how to fill a void in the sensitive moment”.

Such a goal will be unattainable if enthusiasm and maximum involvement are not displayed.  The author starts from the basis that the knowledge acquired over the years serves, “in the best case”, to achieve 49% of the objectives. The remaining 51% depends on the attitude one exhibits when enhancing his figure, relating to the environment or sharing his interest in the activity he develops. It is about showing passion and making it a participant.

At this point, Lorente is lacking in the fact that Universities are limited to disseminating knowledge while dispensing, “when they do not despise”, the transmission of attitudes.  “There are dozens of university degrees, each with dozens of professors and professors teaching dozens of subjects. But the one that will favor 51% of success in life, is ignored. ” No wonder, then, that the title of this chapter is: When will there be professors of passion?

“Healthy ambition is not only to be desired. Before certain dreams or needs, we must generate it in ourselves and excite it in our traveling companions, ” says Joaquín Lorente. This quality, used as an energy feeder, makes us give the best of each one “. We are facing one of the keys that, together with passion and knowledge, make the entrepreneurial path less tortuous.

Now, this push must be proportional to personal capabilities. Otherwise, we run the risk of exceeding our limits, with dire consequences. The remedy for this is to measure, optimally, our entrepreneurial appetite.  “The dosage is to detect when the ambition reaches a level of excess that enters the black hole of the unattainable because besides destroying oneself, it crushes the respect of those who help us and trust us”.

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